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Subscription Usages

To manage subscriptions, the Subscription Usages listing is where to start. This area lists all customers’ active, suspended and canceled subscriptions.

1. Manage a Subscription Usage

To access the Subscription Usage Listing page:

  • Select Accounts from the Ultra Commerce navigation toolbar.
  • Select Subscription Usages from the drop-down.

To edit or view a subscription usage, click on the pencil or eye icon located to the right of the desired subscription usage.

On the edit Subscription Detail page that appears, the user can control a subscriber’s payment method, renewal price, next bill date, and expiration date. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Account: This is the account that has the subscription.
  • Status: Active, Suspended or Canceled
  • Subscription Stage
  • Auto Renew: Setting that lets you determine if the subscription usage will automatically renew unless canceled
  • Auto Pay: Setting that determines if a payment will be automatically be applied when due.
  • Term: Length of the subscription usage
  • Account Payment Method: These are stored account payment methods for the account.
  • Expiration Date: The date the subscription usage expires
  • Grace Period: The amount of time allowed beyond the subscription usage payment due date.
  • Next Bill Date: Date of next billing statement
  • Next Reminder Email: When an email reminder will get automatically sent out
  • Initial Sku: The subscription product sku
  • Renewal Price: Price the subscription renews at this might be different if there was an initial special introductory price
  • Shipping Charge
  • There are also tabs that contain more information about the Subscription usage.

From the Actions drop-down short-cut menu at the top you can renew, cancel, or update the status of the subscription, send a renewal reminder and add a subscription benefit.