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Product Catalog & Management

What We Cover:

Learn how to build your customized product catalog with next generation types including core products, subscriptions, gift cards and bundles. Manage the complexity of your business with complete product management capabilities.

Product management and configuration including defining the brands, categories, dataset and configuration that your business needs with advanced settings.


Product Creation

Once you have defined Brands, Product Types, Options and any special attributes you are ready to create your products.

Product Attributes

Attribute Sets are really helpful for extending Products and Sku data outside of our out of the box options.


You’re probably already familiar with the concept of branding – a name under which products are sold.  Some companies use no brands; others use many. Ultra Commerce includes a robust brand management system to handle any branding needs you may have.

Product Types

Product Types are a useful way to classify products that are created and then sold so that they aren’t lumped into one single product type. Ultra Commerce already has six different product types, but you can further divide products below these six product types.

Option Groups

Option Groups are the potential characteristics of each product, such as color, size, team name etc. and are used during product creation to generate unique skus.