1. Using your product data, or the examples provided, identify the following metrics: What
are your product types? What are your product options? What are your product
attributes? Are you using multiple brands?

Example Product Name Department Brand Size Color Care Instructions
Cable Knit Sweater Clothing Ultra Classic Medium Black Machine wash on cold
Cable Knit Sweater Clothing Ultra Classic Large Red Machine wash on cold
Rain Boots Shoes Acme Shoes 10 Brown

2. After you’ve identified these items, start by creating a brand, using the steps outlined in
the brand section.
3. Start creating some product types. Using the types that are preloaded, find the parent
product type and begin to add child product types per your product data.
4. Next, start creating your product option groups & options. Think about things like size,
color, etc.
5. Once you’ve established these items, start creating your products and skus.