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Shipping & Fulfillment

The Ultra Commerce admin allows for single orders to be fulfilled manually either partially or in full through the Orders section of the admin. You can also set up workflows or Fulfillment Batches to fulfill order items in bulk. Auto fulfillment can also be set up for products such as subscriptions or gift cards.

1. Fulfilling an Individual Order

If you would like to individually fill placed orders, start by opening a placed order from the Orders listing.

Expand the Order Fulfillments tab, and open the detail page for the fulfillment you would like to complete.

From this screen, open the Actions menu and select Fulfill Items.

You will then indicate the items and quantity to be fulfilled and then click Fulfill Items.


You will then need to fill out the Order Delivery screen.

Now on the Order Fulfillments detail screen, the Order Fulfillment Items tab will now show the quantity delivered, and, if the all the order items have been fulfilled, there will be a Fulfilled status for the item. If not all items have been delivered, it will say Processing and the remaining number of items to be fulfilled will be in the Qty Undelivered field.


2. Fulfillment Batches

Fulfillment Batches are a handy way of grouping together orders that can be managed through the fulfillment process in one place rather than fulfilling each order individually through the order. Orders that would ship from a specific warehouse can be batched together and be assigned to an individual account.

To build a Fulfillment Batch, navigate to the Order Fulfillments listing page by:

  • Clicking Orders on the Ultra Commerce toolbar.
  • Selecting Order Fulfillments from the drop-down.

The Order Fulfillments listing will display. This page has a number of views that you can access by the tabs at the top:

Unfulfilled: lists all the orders that have been unfulfilled and identifies their Fulfillment method type, Order Number, Full Name, Date Started, Shipping Method, Status and Estimated Shipping.

All: This lists all order fulfillments, even those that have a status of fulfilled.

Approved: All orders that are approved

Rejected: All orders that have been rejected

Batch: All order fulfillments that are unfulfilled.

To Begin the process of creating a batch:

  • Click the Batch tab

This screen is where you can select the orders you would like to add to a fulfillment batch.

To create a fulfillment batch:

  • Put checks in the checkbox to the left of the desired Order(s). You can select just one if you would like.

  • Click Create Batch in the upper right hand corner of the listing page.

The Create Batch modal will appear.

  • Batch Location: Select the location from which the orders will be fulfilled.
  • Assign Batch: Select the desired Account to process this batch (not required).
  • Batch Name: Add a name for the batch. This is optional.
  • Batch Description: Add a description for the batch. This is optional.
  • Click Add Batch.
  • The Fulfillment Batch detail screen will appear.

The Fulfillment Batch Detail displays the batch ID, the user account that is assigned to manage the batch, and the location for the batch. It indicates the total number of Fulfillment Items in the batch and the Completed number of items that have been fulfilled.

To fulfill an order from the Fulfillment Batch detail:

  • Put a check in the box to the left of one of the orders in the batch.
  • A modal will appear that includes the Order and Shipping details. If there are multiple orders, if you place a check in the box for an order, the order selected will populate to the right. Only one order populates at a time.

In the Order section:

  • Click Populate All Quantity Values and the quantity field for all order items will be filled with the total items on the order.
  • If you are fulfilling less than the total order items fill in the quantity field manually with the desired number of items.
  • Click the Set Delivery Quantities button to fill in the quantity for the Shipping Options section; this will populate the shipping options section with the order items and number of items that were set above in the order items section.

In the Shipping Options section, there are fields to print labels and define the dimensions and weight of the boxes for the shipment. You can also add in additional boxes if you need additional boxes to handle the quantity of items:

  • Select Generate Shipping Label: if you have an integration tied to shipping that will generate labels, this will automatically create labels after the batch is processed.
  • Select integration from the Choose Shipping Integration drop down: these are integrations that you have integrated with Ultra Commerce.
  • Select from the Custom drop-down a Container Preset (if any have been set up)
  • If you do not have container preset defined, select Custom the dimensions of the box(es) Height, Width, Depth and Weight in the fields.
  • Click +Add Box to add an additional box if needed. You can then adjust the quantity of items in each box and each of the dimensions H/W/D/W of each box.

Select Manual Shipment if you don’t have integrations tied to shipping set up or you are going to manually ship the item:

  • Select from the Custom drop-down a Container Preset if you added one in the  Container Presets section of the admin.
  • If you do not have container preset defined, Select Custom the dimensions of the box(es) Height, Width, Depth and Weight in the fields.
  • Click +Add Box if you need additional boxes for the order items if needed. You can then adjust the quantity of items in each box and each of the dimensions H/W/D/W of each box.
  • Add in a Tracking Number to the field.

Once the order items to be fulfilled and the shipping for the items has been set it is time to start the fulfillment process.

From the Fulfill drop down,

  • click Fulfill.

The Completion status section of the batch will now indicate how much of the Fulfillment Batch has been completed. It will automatically move to the next order in the batch. Just follow the previous steps to fulfill the items in each order for the batch. You can also view the status of each order on the Fulfillment Batch detail if you Clear selections on the batch detail.

Create Fulfillment Batches Video